The Panorama Album Cover Art

Reverb is working on our new album, Panorama, and it will be releasing in May! Three years and three generations of Reverb have put so much work and compassion into this album and we are excited to share it with you very soon! We are all eagerly awaiting it release and based off of preliminary mixes it is sure to amaze, you will not be disappointed. Once again to all of our Kickstarter supporters, this would not have been possible without you, thank you!

Birds of a Feather (a Vulfpeck Cover)

Our most recent music video is out and it serves as a sneak peak of our album, Panorama. It was produced by our very own Chase Daftary, who is one of the three featured soloists. This video was also featured in several publications including A Cappella Blog and will be submitted to the A Cappella Music Video awards.

Same Drugs (opb Chance the Rapper)

One of Reverb's more recent recording project was Same Drugs. We had the opportunity to record the music with The Vocal Company and step out of our box and record a full fledged music video with some incredible students. The video is featured to the left. This tracks also one of ten tracks that appear on, Panorama. This is the first of two music videos we have releases associated with this album. 


NACC Album Volume 1

Reverb's single Birds of a Feather, a cover of Wolfpeck, was featured as the premiere track on the National A Cappella Convention’s compilation album. It was an honor to be featured with many of the other groups who attended and Competed in NACC in 2018!


Reverb is Florida State University's only Tenor-Bass a cappella group from Tallahassee, FL. Reverb was established by its founding members Evan Powers and Justin Womack in the Fall of 2007. Reverb performs at various concerts, competitions, and other events in the Tallahassee community and other areas in the United States. Reverb is characterized as having an identity with men who aren't afraid to break musical boundaries, dance on stage, and push past what's expected of a tenor-bass a cappella group. Though members may change every few years, Reverb will always strive to produce performances that are musically impressive, emotionally captivating, and thoroughly entertaining. 

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Our most recent awards include:

  • *Best Male Collegiate Album of 2015 for "Evolve"

  • *Best Original Song by a Scholastic Group for "Evolve", written by Skip Stradtman and Alex Mendez

  • *Best World/Folk song for "Kite Runner", written by Skip Stradtman

  • Inclusion on Best of Collegiate A Cappella CD of 2015 for "Love Me Like You Do", arranged by Skip Stradtman

  • 2017 National A Cappella Convention College Invitational Competitor

  • 2017 SOJAM A Cappella Festival Competitor

  • 2016 ICCA South Quarterfinals, Best Soloist for Alex Mendez

  • 2015 SOJAM A Cappella Festival Competitor

  • 2014 Boston Sings A Cappella Festival, Champions

  • 2014 SOJAM A Cappella Festival, Second-Place Overall

  • 2013 ICCA Finals, Fourth-Place Overall

  • 2013 ICCA South Region, Champions

*Contemporary A Cappella Recording Artists Awards


 We are so thrilled with these honors and with the accomplishments we have made as a group. We are continuing to grow as an ever-changing group each year. With that being said, there is still much more to look forward to! This year was so rewarding and we are so proud of the product we delivered to our fans.

This coming year will hopefully be filled with so many more great experiences as we set foot into new projects and experiences within a cappella.