Recent News: 

In the Quiet White was just nominated for 4 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Artist Awards! Nominations include: Best Holiday Album, Best Holiday Song (Christmas in Paradise), Best Classical Song (Carol of the Bells), and Best Humor Song (Christmas in Paradise). 

In the Quiet White,

our very first Christmas album, is officially on SpotifyiTunes and Loudr!!! You can also purchase here from our website under the "Albums" tab! We have been working so hard on this album for the past year and are so happy to bring it to you!! Happy Holidays, and enjoy! :D


We could not have brought you this album without the help of                                                                             our incredibly generous Kickstarter backers: 

Jimmy Hadaway, Dale Seneff, David Ko, Casilda de la Cruz, Lynn Norris, Joel and Linda Vega, Karen McDaniel, Matt Fischer, Cristine, Cheryl Nell, Alice Ann-Darrow, Samuel White, Dave Mees, Dr. Deborah E. Ward, Alex Mendez, Clifton and Mary Lou Miller, Janeen Daftary, Martin McHugh, Jamie Conway, Nancy Conada, Debrah Schnackenberg, Tom Gemmer, Christine Welch, Brandon Redler, Ear Wimberly Stradtman, Sandy Stradtman, Caitlin Sweeney, Michelle Santos, Sandra Zweiner, Nancy and Chuck Bruno, Tiffani Miller, John Crew, Deborah Bretz, Maria VandenBosch, Magdala Guerrier, Michael Miller, Taylor Barker, Bobby Duggleby, Natalie Bradley, William Coen, Meeta Evers, Matthew Swope, Jill Connors, Natasha Voigt, Austin McElwain, Amy and Jeff Worman, Lisa and Frank Sullen, Katherine Werner, Cecilia Stradtman, the Acabelles, Elizabeth Gerbush, Eion Blanchard, Brittany Martinez, Owen Gemmer, Jarred VandenBosch, Angela Longo, Elizabeth Spangler, Elizabeth Wooley, Katherine Stobb, David Mandt, Zach Ayala, Kelly Fromm, Taylor Lovejoy, Tunecore, Beatriz Rapisarda, Ray Higdon, Diana Good Sky, Twilley, Grace Hayes, Ike Rafols, Jac, Cynthia Davis Adams, Peter M, Kelly Mooney, Eric Flemmons, Desiree, Ross, Janelle, Jessica Placencia, John Ligon, Barbara Boyd Mayo, Raybaby, Faye Westfall, Karen Fitting, Migdalia Castro, Robert Bruce McDaniel III, Evan Stoddart, Carol Stradtman, Elizabeth, Michael Lomotan, Bonnie Genter, Mimi Eig, David C. Stoddart, John Santos, Tracy Hite Grady, Ryan, Elizabeth Frankenthal, Tammie Gibbons, Ellen Cushman, Kenya Senecharles, John Canada, Alice Nadin, Michael Creighton, Leisa, Zach Daftary, Lisa Fried Morton, Katheryn Nell, and Paula McCarthy!


Reverb is Florida State University's only all-male a cappella group from Tallahassee, FL. Reverb was established by its founding members Evan Powers and Justin Womack in the Fall of 2007. Reverb performs at various concerts, competitions, and other events in the Tallahassee community and other areas in the United States. Reverb is characterized as having an identity with men who aren't afraid to break musical boundaries, dance on stage, and push past what's expected of an all-male a cappella group. Though members may change every few years, Reverb will always strive to produce performances that are musically impressive, emotionally captivating, and thoroughly entertaining. 

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Our most recent awards include:

  • *Best Male Collegiate Album of 2015 for "Evolve"
  • *Best Original Song by a Scholastic Group for "Evolve", written by Skip Stradtman and Alex Mendez 
  • *Best World/Folk song for "Kite Runner", written by Skip Stradtman
  • Inclusion on Best of Collegiate A Cappella CD of 2015 for "Love Me Like You Do", arranged by Skip Stradtman
  • 2016 ICCA South Quarterfinals, Best Soloist for Alex Mendez 
  • 2014 Boston Sings A Cappella Festival, Champions
  • 2014 SOJAM A Cappella Festival, Second-Place Overall
  • 2013 ICCA Finals, Fourth-Place Overall
  • 2013 ICCA South Region, Champions

*Contemporary A Cappella Recording Artists Awards


Reverb's past few years have been focused on building a dynamic group sound and striving for excellence in all areas of performing. Reverb first competed in 2008 at The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). We received Second Place at ICCA Quarterfinals, including Outstanding Arrangement (Evan Powers for "Summertime") and Outstanding Arrangement at ICCA Semifinals (Evan Powers for "Blackbird"). In 2012, we received First Place at ICCA Quarterfinals, including Outstanding Soloist (Omar Nossair for "The Monkey Song") and Outstanding Arrangement (David Ko for "Eleanor Rigby"). In 2013, we received both First Place and Outstanding Arrangement (for the entire set) at ICCA Quarterfinals and Semifinals, earning ourselves the title of ICCA South Region Champions. That same year we went on to compete at ICCA Finals, earning 4th place, Overall Best Male Group, as well as Outstanding Choreography (Dan Hollister). 2014 was a year jam-packed with Festivals and Competitions including Sojam and BOSS. At Sojam 2014 we competed and earned Second Place in the overall competition, as well as Outstanding Vocal Percussion (David Mandt) and Outstanding Arrangements (Skipper Stradtman). After an unfortunate circumstance at ICCA Quarterfinals 2014, we were fueled to push ourselves harder than ever, leading to the Boston Sings competition, [BOSS]! At [BOSS] 2014, we received First Place in the overall competition, as well as two awards consisting of the 'You Made Us All Cry' Award (Alex Mendez for "Demons") and Outstanding Arrangement (Skipper Stradtman for his original composition, "The Kite Runner"). With our accomplishments at [BOSS] 2014, we are so humbled to call ourselves the [BOSS] 2014 Champions! The 2014/2015 year was Reverb's biggest yet. We showcased our music at the first ever All Roads Festival in Miami, FL, as well as released our first ever Full-Length Album, "Evolve". This most recent year, Reverb competed at the International Championship of  Collegiate A Cappella in Gainesville, Florida on February 20th, 2016.  Scoring 4th, Reverb gave a thrilling performance as the opening group for the showcase. Florida State University conquered the competition by scoring 1st - 4th place and earning some outstanding awards. Our Music Director at the time, Alex Mendez, was honored with the award of Best Soloist for our rendition of "Say Love" by JoJo. We are so thrilled with this honor and with the accomplishments we have made as a group. We are continuing to grow as an ever-changing group each year. With that being said, there is still much more to look forward to! This year was so rewarding and we are so proud of the product we delivered to our fans.

This coming year will hopefully be filled with so many more great experiences as we set foot into new projects and experiences within a cappella.