Audition Information

Sept. 4th - Sept. 6th. 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Located in KMU 206 at FSU's College of Music

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About the Audition 

5-10 Minutes
The audition will begin with a short interview portion in order for us to get to know you a little better followed by music. 
Perform a verse & chorus of any prepared song of your choice. This is your chance to show off your range, skill, and ability to stand out and be unique. Show us what you've got!
We will then vocalize you to hear the top and bottom of your range, consisting of different vocal exercises.
We might test to see if you have a falsetto.
There will be a short sight-reading excerpt of 2 different exercises varying in difficulty. Good luck!

Vocal Percussion

If you have sick Vocal Percussion skills, feel free to include this on the audition form and show us what you have to offer! Who knows, you could be the future Vocal Percussionist for Reverb!

What to Expect from Reverb

  • Outdoor Weekend Retreat
  • Recording an album
  • Competing in ICCA and/or other a cappella festivals
  • TOUR/Gigs
  • Full-length Concert

FAQs Answered

Where can I sign up? 

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Rehearsal Schedule for Fall 2018 (Subject to Change)

  • Located in KMU 206
  • Tuesday/Thursday: 7:00 - 9:p0pm
  • Saturday: 11:00a - 1:00pm
  • There will be an a cappella Interest Meeting that will showcase all of the FSU a cappella groups. This will allow for you to get to know the FSU groups better as well as sign up for an audition after the meeting.
  • You can absolutely audition for more than one a cappella group! FSU has 5 groups including our all-female group: The Acabelles, the mixed groups: Acaphiliacs, All Night Yahtzee, and Vox, and us,  Reverb!
  • You will be notified about Callbacks by a group email or other forms of communication after the final audition has finished.
  • Arrangements are usually learned outside of rehearsal so that we can achieve musical goals while in rehearsals and polish effectively.