EVOLVE - Physical Album


EVOLVE - Physical Album



1. Safe & Sound
2. Kite Runner
3. Love Me Like You Do
4. P.D.A.
5. Jumpin' Jumpin'
6. Howl
7. Demons/Lost & Found
8. O
9. Save Your Soul
10. Evolve

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Reverb's first full-length album, which won many Contemporary A Cappella Recording Artists awards, including: 

-Best Male Collegiate Album of 2015

-Best Original Song by a Collegiate group for "Evolve", written by Skip Stradtman and Alex Mendez

-Best World/Folk song for "Kite Runner" written by Skip Stradtman

-Runner-up for Best Collegiate Song for "Jumpin' Jumpin'", arranged by Skip Stradtman

-Other nominations include: Best Male Collegiate Solo for Alex Mendez for "Safe and Sound", Best Collegiate Arrangement for "Demons/Lost and Found", arranged by Skip Stradtman