Panorama (Releases 05.31.19) - Physical Album

Panorama Cover Art.jpg
Panorama Cover Art.jpg

Panorama (Releases 05.31.19) - Physical Album


Track List:

  1. iRobot

  2. Come Down

  3. Ozark

  4. Birds of a Feather

  5. Terrified / Me and Your Mama

  6. Show Me

  7. Please Don’t Go

  8. Same Drugs

  9. Work Song

  10. Awake My Soul

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Panorama, our third studio album, is a culmination of three years of hard work and passion. These songs were carefully chosen and arranged to represent the spectrum of musical tastes found in our members. We take pride in recognizing each individual in our group as his own artist with unique strengths and musical aspirations. The memories made in the rehearsals, recording, and production of this album are ones that we will all cherish forever, and we truly could not be more proud to bring this project to your hands.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our producer Jacob Tourjeman of The Vocal Company for his tireless commitment to the creation of this album and his constant dedication to the Reverb sound. Many thanks to Chase Daftary and D.j. Paradis for their beautiful album artwork, and to our many Reverb alumni who constantly inspire us to continue making great music. And finally, a huge thank you to our generous Kickstarter backers, without whom this dream could not have become a reality—you all mean the world to us!